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Letter to the Editors
By Charlton Metcalf

The following unedited letter was received in response to Pritchard Lawson's "Poetry Like a Virus Grows."

Dear editors:

I just wanted to let you know that the poet in the article is not kimmy
But by me charlton metcalf, i was just using her email, and not being to
Good with computers must have sent it to pritchard lawson by mistake somehow

:O) he does have interesting points and the article was quiet amusing
was quiet amusing. I think you should let the public decide if the poems
mean anything or not! here are the poems that were mentioned along with my

thanks for taking the time to read them and have a great day, and pass
along my apologies. :O)



jugular flex scream,
front of the stage
2 for 1 Fosters full blast
bloody lip, twenty minute kisses
cowboy hat in the air,
fire breathing Nashville Pussy, “rock the fuck out!” show etiquette bruises
mascara temptress,
ripped Greek bath house gay
loco cross fade rollin’,
Lemmy eardrum seethe
wry mesmerism delight, crosshair flirted last call smirk

liven up the stumble in,
wallet chain door knob gestalt
into the penny jar, noggin’ clunk birdies, googly moogly oog,
where robots take over the world
looking to sleep a little less
bad CD’s in the microwave
jealousy is love,
thinking her last fuck and Hitler never played Risk
mademoiselle leisure incense twirl, toe stub relentless
Hong Kong fooeying a fat ass cat,
under the bed,
snowboards and a picture album of sleeping boys
tits and tummy
the big spoon soggy cereal 4 am supper,
Flintstone chewable desert
fav shades synthesizer practice,
blues apathy fabulous
snazzy amp blasto satisfaction,
neighbors broom handle break beats
pass out drool, roof top pool

waking up,
front door wide open
hoodie, 73º and overcast
rent paid clinical trial style
peel out!!! younger!
head south for three days
sarsaparilla mile marker,
Stuckeys mullet hunting
looking for a café racer boy, who knows who Huggie Bear is,
without any pets and sleeve tattoos
picking up chicks for them
wild turkey cuss low-jinks,
booty grabber rurals
inbred, well, well, well !!!
sense of humor conquistador,
motive for the day!


sundown, parlor nudist
pinker float from routine
bubbles, bath, super warm
sinking in sympathy relaxed

messy summer future ends,
full frontal anxiety

ginger peach candles,
wish wedding Goth

staring off in vamped leisurelies……………

trying to listen to bossa nova baby,
through thumping off beats,
of either a dancer upstairs or a jacked up grumpus
blue octave fuss

champagne chocolate, backhand super-slow splash,
paradisio technique
shaping bubbles, blow a face to thin air

love soaking in the skin,
soothing indecision,
scattered thoughts, inertia curios,
seduced deliriums

smiling down at the little evil art, anklet tatt
wanting to be the girl who gets the finger a lot,
impervious to legend
but now known as peculiar,
rather be thought of as interesting or even logical

geek chic funny situation house arrest
hearing breath amour
finding muscles in a secret esteem

impulse defined
imagination, bored into ingenuity,
and a fine sense of coupling
men who smell nice, and strong forearms
small talk, touch me………. conversation bombs,
over dinner, with a tart merlot
buzzing anniversary relevance,
pet names,
make out music purr

water getting tingle shivery chill
feeling like a 135 pound diamond,
on the shore of Antarctica
birthday girl,
princess shimmer pure


what u bring,
loot pack fitted grandmaster,
escaped, pawnshop diamond one liner, ghetto vets
snoopin’ ig’nant P.H.d
sup sorta gone finesse
gold ones and givin’ pounds

tattooic detonator,
hustler spinna moves
stank bomb explosion duration

supernaturals for shakin’ strange
bliss one
Hawaiian tropics,
fools magic titaays
in the bricks with smilin’ roster respect
buggin’ blue honeys
jausin’, ‘bout it ‘bout it,
notorious thigh pirates

booty masses in vibe out fabulous,
tore me breaks
ain’t no future,
swing on the beat,
burner slaps
groove junkie,
unique demon intoxication’s,
perkin’ purple kush
whiplash pumper down,
grinda illmatic
we bouncin’,

raucous, prankster gin
outta ale, give it up cupcake marinatin’ tendas,
in there like swimwear

entertainin’ as fame
the afta hours shark steaks and livin’ nappy

fat nasty,
Bucktown screamer
toe up from the floor

Charlton Metcalf is a poet and songwriter from Minneapolis MN.
His most recent works being seen in 3 AM magazine, ache magazine, Identity Theory, ShoeString Poetry MagEzine, Get Underground and the Unarmed Adventurous Poetry Journal. He is a musician with the band Lavabloom (www.lavabloom.com) and founder of the red dragon poetry group.