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Sarah Palin . . . Who's Yer Daddy?
By Gov. Sarah Palin and the EastWestern University Dada Cluster

The EastWestern University Dada Cluster is a society dedicated to using Microsoft Office®'s built-in dictionary and grammar checkers to correct works of literature. It has also been charged with using Babelfish to translate works of literature into foreign languages and back again.

[ Excerpt from original -> Autocorrected by Microsoft Office -> Korean -> English ]

New Version

Your dad is who, `? '
Fine question!

Me me in me
the map which will not
have the dad who is suitable
gives the public service role
which specifies Anchorage
which has to the accompaniment hint
which does not know everyday
in the news Sunday
marking disk

" Touches with the thumb and lower part "

of the thing which wears out;
Got sees the thing.

Possibly wants and ADN must interview us,
(or has-beens!)
And does our dad find out is who? …

When do not say from the real picture
meeting where at the outside
the people from here runs with me,
" Come, so are you the oil of Alaska and Inspector gas?
Or, " Come to be good, you the market which pays attention. "
Do they say, " So are you the seed daughter Heath?
Him holds in mind
of all timely justice which is teacher! whom"
I different what kind of method assistance
will not be in it. ….

I respect all my dad
thank and to teach permitted me.
I to be glad from the bed
and that early to pull
the cross country on the front of the practice
which operates the duck
which has in order with him
in order to buy nyang description below,
the butt,
the autumn morning which reaches.

He me the reindeer,
in order the fish
in order to clean
puts in the sack

and he teaches,
the water bottle,
the gun compatriot
bitter cold blueberry
most he sews he seeks,
the destruction flesh.
Him at the time of ice fishing
industry like he why goes out
and is will be able to thaw the fish egg bait
which freezes to the mouth

and the coward will not endure a same reason.

Silence will split the fact
that puts from the eyeball
of the wapiti
but him the low of slaughter
where he us is fresh
while seeks in compliance with me
in his demand him comfort strangely,
one time
" Them who are preserved "

So the (thing) of his student
that day when will listen later
will be able to observe
when this newspaper understood.
He understood mercifully,
there was not a necessity
which will catch the attachment
which the ungulate is warm
from the alder in that morning. ….

" That sees consequently, my dad,
about got the fact that thinks
the thing only my dad today is,
who in the card for me…

Well anyhow
now probably
what kind of is
not low price
permits the fact
that progresses
with the location
which is political
the dad intelligence
which hits the map
which will not
be lower part "

in the newspaper discourse
marks obtained petal
which has the proposal
which does not know;

Touches with the thumb.
I it thank ADN.


Original Article

‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ Great question! I see that I got a “thumbs down” on the Anchorage Daily News Sunday scoreboard with an accompanying insinuation that may not have the appropriate dad to allow me a particular public service role. Maybe the ADN should interview us wanna be’s (or has-beens!) and find out who are our daddies? . . . More often than not when people out here in the real world run into me they don’t say, “Oh, so you’re Alaska’s Oil and Gas Commissioner? Or, “Oh yeah, you ware that mayor.” Nope. They say, “So you’re Mr. Heath’s daughter? Cool! He’s my favorite teacher of all time!” I wouldn’t wish it any other way. . . . I’m thankful for all my dad taught me and allowed me to do. I’m glad he dragged my butt out of bed early, early autumn mornings to hunt ducks with him before cross-country running practice. He taught me to bag a caribou, fillet a fish, dig buckets of darns, and find the plumpest blueberries. He wouldn’t put up with my wimpy reasons why I couldn’t thaw frozen fish egg bait in my mouth, like he does, when ice fishing. But he did understand when I looked up at him quizzically once upon his request to “please hold those” while he searched for something to put our freshly butchered moose’s eyeballs in so his students could observe them later that day. He graciously understood, and I didn’t have to hold those ungulate’s warm parts that morning in the alders. . . . So seeing the “thumbs down” on the newspaper editorial scoreboard with the suggestion that my dad may not be the right dad to allow me to progress towards some political position that probably isn’t in the cards for me right now anyway... well, I got to think about just who my dad is today. I thank the ADN for that.

As found at http://web.archive.org/web/20060708223838/www.palinforgovernor.com/Articles.htm.