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The Tale of Benny Badger/Talk of Central Nerve Stimulant Badger
By Arthur Scott Bailey and the EastWestern University Dada Cluster

The EastWestern University Dada Cluster is a society dedicated to using Microsoft Office®'s built-in dictionary and grammar checkers to correct works of literature. It has also been charged with using Babelfish to translate works of literature into foreign languages and back again.

[ Original -> Autocorrected by Microsoft Word 2007 -> Korean -> English -> Korean -> English]

New Version

"Think how it? " Coyote asked when he ends with laugh.

"Quite well! " The central nerve stimulant Badger which says. Coyote spirit got depressed the only was visible smallest some.

"Probably haven't will be I and as song," Executed; He paid attention. And so he started it the fact that again song does. The central nerve stimulant Badger stopped him but quickly.

"Don't!" He cried. And like him the couldn't, in his ear, led his foot; bears which listen the song different time. Coyote smiled cheerfulness. "Me," sees; He said easily.

"You don't me enjoys as music. But we common." Believes that the taste 1 is wears out.

"What's it?" The central nerve stimulant Badger demanded him; Respects his foot which is to his ear, he said and the seed with Coyote he listened. "What's it?"

"Ground squirrel!" Coyote answer back when he says, licks his cutting.

Original Text

"How do you like that?" Mr. Coyote asked with a grin, when he had finished [his song].

"Not very well!" said Benny Badger.

Mr. Coyote looked just the least bit crestfallen.

"Perhaps I haven't practiced the song as much as I should," he remarked. And thereupon he started to sing it again.

But Benny Badger stopped him quickly.

"Don't!" he cried. And he held his paws, dirty as they were, over his ears, as if he couldn't bear to hear that song another time.

Mr. Coyote smiled agreeably.

"I see," he said easily. "You don't enjoy music as I do. But I believe we have one taste in common."

"What's that?" Benny Badger asked him; for in spite of his paws being over his ears, he heard what Mr. Coyote said. "What's that?"

"Ground squirrels!" Mr. Coyote replied, licking his chops as he spoke.

As found at http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/24589 (Chapter IV)