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My Farmers Are So Good
By President Donald Trump and the EastWestern University Dada Cluster

The EastWestern University Dada Cluster is a society dedicated to using dictionary, grammar and translation tools to "fix" works of literature. Here, though, they just tackle the dadaism of everyday life in these United States. Spacing, punctuation, italics and verb/subject agreement issues have been modified in the new version.

[ Original -> Korean -> Russian -> Burmese -> Indonesian -> English ]

New Version

My farmers: they are patriots.

In the network (for me)
Most of them are not very good (like me).
You know the network.

They interviewed farmers.
China stopped buying.
But then, I started buying again.

Credit, and everything grows.
We go through.

What I do is a little painful.

In fact, farmers,
The market continues to grow
And will do great things.
But in the end.

But they are beautiful
Farmers and people.

I, for my voters,
Love them and
They love me.

If we are forced to feel that
They are doing what you do.

Many people have difficult matches.
Many people don't know what it really is.

They don't know how to determine taxes.
They don't really know,
But he is completely different from taxes.

However, for the first time in years,
And for many people,
They have a president.

This allows you not to work with other countries.
We think it's not a form of violence.

NAFTA has not changed since
NAFTA is defective,
And the transaction was signed.

Why do you know that?
They are 17% VAT tax [value].
In this country, no one will know.

Nobody wants to leave.
This discovery did not change
Because a week later.

So you don't spend
A lot of time changing.

VAT is imposed on Mexico.
Before the start we were
Behind with 17 or 16 points.

NAFTA is a terrible thing.
So farmers and steel mill workers -
You know I have left stopping.

A birthday is terrible.
If you want to lose them,
They have to pay 25%
Of all US mistakes.

I am a steel mill
As well as significant
Though all is well.

But this for our farmers
Said to have been attacked.
The president has never
Fought for us before.

I really need to learn
What happened
15 years with farmers.

Farmers have become extinct
In 15 years.
They are dead.
Farmers are fined.

This is amazing.
They are a big patriot.
I think we have to finish it.


Original Text

"My farmers are so good. These are patriots. You know, on a network that doesn’t like me very much -- which is most of them -- but a network that didn’t -- doesn’t really treat me very good, they interviewed farmers. And they got hurt because, you know, all of a sudden China stops buying -- by the way, they started buying again, I don’t know if you noticed. Soybeans are going up and things are going up, and we’ve had very little hurt from what I have done. In fact, the markets have gone up and the farmers are going to do great. But ultimately. But they had farmers, and these guys are amazing. I love them. They voted for me and they love me. They said, we don’t care if we get hurt, he’s doing the right you know, a lot of people, it is a complex game.

"A lot of people don’t know exactly what it is. They don’t know how to define tariff. They don’t know it is really different than a tax, although it is getting close. But they know that for the first time in many, many years they have a president that’s fighting for them, that’s not letting their jobs be taken to other countries, that’s not allowing the kind of abuse that we -- I mean when you look at what happened as an example with NAFTA, and for years because it was never changed, NAFTA was a defective deal the day it was signed.

"You know why? Because they had a VAT [value-added tax] tax of 17% and nobody from this country knew that. By the time they found out, which was about a week later, nobody went and changed it. So you went many years and they never changed it. There was a VAT tax that Mexico got. So we were 17 points or 16 points behind before we even started.

"NAFTA was a horrible thing. So the farmers and, by the way, the steelworkers -- you know, I stopped the dumping. The dumping was horrible. Now if they want to dump, that’s okay, but they’ve got to pay the United States of America 25% on everything they dump. That’s okay. But as I told you before, steel is doing phenomenally well. But the farmers say, this man’s fighting for us. No president has ever fought for us before.

"You really have to study what has happened over the 15 years with the farmers. The farmers have been decimated over a 15-year period. They’ve been decimated. The farmers are going to come out great. These are great people. They’re great, great patriots. I think we should finish with that one. Is that okay?"

Transcription courtesy Jennifer Williams and Alexia Underwood via Vox