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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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I Lost a Horizon Today
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

i'm not quite sure where exactly
i checked my coat pockets, the dusk
drawers, that meat freezer under boxes
in the back of the garage

the last time i saw it
it was lying quite dormant
flat and harmless but by now
it could be anything remotely linear:
the top of an art deco exclamation mark
the C-squared slop of a Pythagorean Theorem
an underline for emphasis or to prove literacy

i'm worried about what its absence will do
to landscapes--the light blue of summer skies
seeping down and into the midnight of stormy seas
the white light of winter sun burning the black
of shadowed trees and gray clouds sinking low
into the cities, creating fogs of paint and color

Bob Ross would be so distressed
he always created horizons
with heavy oil layered onto
a cold metal trowel, slicing
canvas with one quick, clean edge--
horizons that were meant
to stay put

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