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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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That Elvis Kind of Lovin'
by Francine DuBois
For Ann-Margret and the man in the Elvis shirt

white (most definitely white)
love stretched across your fruitful plain
we sparkled like Vegas lights, sequins, teeth
as we united, merging like throbbing female fans
as Elvis walks on stage

gone are the clean Tennessee days
smiling army uniform on the chair
waving in the magnolia breeze
your apple pie eyes glimmering
as we secretly swap Coca-Cola bottles
so our lips share sweetness
at the clean Formica-coated drugstore
it was so simple, so pure then,
but also pretty boring: all the songs sound the same

our comeback special sells out
sweaty, raw, soulful energy
poured into black leather
we're in the ghetto, baby,
where it's rough, raw and primitive

this is our love: gluttonous, over the top,
out of control and way too filling:
a pickle and peanut butter sandwich kind of loviní,
a corn fritter and chocolate sauce kind of loviní,
an Elvis kind of loviní

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