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Why Does My Pie Crust Fall Down?
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

For Mom again

the kitchen is never clean enough for him
a small speck of dirt boiled hard
in the flame of the pilot
creates a modicum of impurity

he punishes me by pulling the top button
clean off my sweater (hard, forceful)
it sounds like glass as it bounces
off the formica to linoleum
down there, it's a pin
dropped for emphasis
in an old Tom & Jerry

it's followed by others, a series:
glass, plastic, metal, cloth--
the sound depends entirely on
the placement of the edge
as the button strikes hard surface

when he has enough skin
to satisfy him temporarily
the silence of his retreat
is enough pressure, enough force
enough weight, or so he says

and I follow him out
forget about dinner
forget about dessert
leave the filling frozen
and the oven on

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