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The Inspiration Behind
There's Something About That Man You Just Wanna Shellac

It all started when Hezekiah was shopping with his girlfriend Belle. They both spotted a Knight Rider lunchbox at the same time, hidden amongst other legendary television collectibles. Belle bought the lunch box for only eight dollars. Since the paint was chipping a bit, she shellacked the outside of the lunch box, making David Hasselhoff very shiny. When Hezekiah mentioned Belle's find to Francine, Francine quipped, "there's something about that man you just wanna shellac." Hezekiah instantly recognized the potential for a poem and the basis of Take2 was formed. As you can tell, in this early stage of Take2, the title could be different as long as the sentence formed the first line. This stipulation was either neglected or forgotten when the second round, "What Do Communists Eat for Breakfast?", was begun.

Francine's Version -- Hezekiah's Version -- Inspiration
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