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Take2: Haiku (Issue 12)
By Hezekiah Allen Taylor

1. "Brainwashee" or "Brainwashor"? Which one are you?

should I flip a coin
or are there orders coming
in through the nickel?

2. I've lost my social sparkle.

drowned under the tap
I had to scrub very hard
and hold it under

3. Downgrading on elevated uncertainty

pale white skin, like snow,
reflects, melts, and disappears
only light remains

beyond the cleansing
it's cold, with an aura most
naive, sensual

it must go, she says
he hears, I must go--subtext--
and he honors it

his honor is firm
it will not bend, like the light;
he holds refraction,

holds firm against it;
she thinks he is ignorant,
this stoicism

but she honors it
and clarifies by pointing
out their cracked window

he looks, finally,
and sees the harsh, unbroken
light from the night's snow

and he is relieved;
though he still has his small doubts
he keeps them inside.

4. You haven't annoyed me yet, so I wouldn't worry about it.

he writes me e-mails
because he lacks social skills
but maintains ego

5. Breaker, breaker 1-9

I wanted a dog
named Fred just like Jerry had
what's your 20, boy?

6. Adequacy is the challenge.

however, remains ideal
we are in between

7. Singles Swap Meet

drink this shot, sugar
put tab A into slot B
lather, rinse, repeat

8. She only comes home to change her clothes . . . and fellas.

puts him on quick like
fresh, but too small underwear
he'd make a nice hat

9. Richard, you are British and the sea is in your blood.

but don't be a dick
and leave your ethnicity
in some foreign port

10. The female chimp forages alone.

but she will come back
the solitude calls to her
but can't pick off lice