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Postmodern Village
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Shock and Awe
Operation Iraqi Freedom, March 2003
by Francine DuBois

I. Shock

It wasn't so much shock as anticipation,
Cameras readied, reporters cued,
Waiting like Joan Rivers on the red carpet
For the first celebrity foot to touch down.

And all our friends were there: Peter, Wolf, Christine,
And look, there's Geraldo!

But our fearless leader (that's Rumsfield)
Was the most shocked:
The Iraqis didn't dance at first,
And there were a lot of vases.

II. Awe

A month later, the luster is gone:
Rubbed off of the gilt victory.
The gold wrapper around the
Chocolate coin is wadded up in a ball,
The candy melted in the desert sun.

That gold-plated AK-47 someone tried to smuggle
To the U.S. was awesome, but I don't think
The directors wanted me to feel that way.

This movie doesn't have an ending,
But the audience has already left.

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