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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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home of the heavenly pie
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

I want to break away from my naive belief in money
the fairy tale
yes, I know there is no gold standard
but still I believe
it's what I know
it's home

its ugliness reflects my own genealogy
such Puritanism screaming
that it must be "the truth"
I must devour it
swallow it down
without milk
without tea
without coffee

to mark any money that might become mine
yes, another fantasy
I would use markers: purple, hot pink, lemon meringue yellow
with just enough white blended in to avoid glare

in that world, I'd steal just to spread a little color around
a rouge to George's lips
would make him almost kissable
and I'm just trying to make the act
of picking up the check more rewarding
I could see it all as origami dragons (paper power, in other words)
if I didn't know oh so much better-breath that burns so hot
usually leaves no survivors-

something so ordinary and functional
should never be beautiful
I know this
I know it

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