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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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Would you STOP going on about Samuel Beckett? There are other things in life.
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor with Sylvie Dale, Robin Remaley, and Jason Kimble

I am not being contrary; you're the one being contrary, he says
you're not the boss of me, she says

yes, of course it's a travesty
they are being watched by a higher power
or pop culture, a lower deity,
but it's all fodder

only three out of seven people
ever bother to answer a request

but large clumps of people ask
everyone asks, no one answers

well, we all like to be asked

that was a movie, wasn't it? he says
why do I date you? she says

which Quantum Leap episode was that in? he says
really, it's time to move on, she says

pop culture may hate the both of you
but you're hardly alone

and she gets the last word
because it's a bitchy feminist poem:
did you know that during WWII
the government asked Veronica Lake
to pull back her hair---sleeked, chignon
those glistening, gorgeous eyes ablaze

it was not for beauty
it was for practicality

it seems that women on factory floors
so enamored with that floppy hair---
that peek-a-boo behind the wave---
were slicing hands, banging boxes
tripping over metal stairs

they fell from balconies
and ran into doors
they lost rings in the toilets
and in the sinks---wedding rings
to faithful soldiers---which
of course, could lead to no good
no good at all

I don't know why this story reminds me of you, she says
but, it does

yet, I can't figure out
am I the hair or the accident? he says


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