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Postmodern Village
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How Do I Rave?
by Francine DuBois

"Mom said, if there's ever a war, I'll have to enter a dance marathon because I'm the man of the house. I better start slow . . ." - Gavin (Bruce McCulloch), Kids in the Hall

It's hard to stage a dance marathon
During a sit-in, but Mary Anne Shefford tried.
She finally managed to get two stoned men
To streak during the chorus of "Give Peace a Chance."

She launched into the history of dance, the grand
Tradition of dance marathons, but got nowhere.
"It's semantics, baby," her future husband Alan said.
"You've got to deal with police actions differently."

Woodstock made Mary Anne feel a little bit better,
But she was worried about the country.
Dance marathons were pointless expenses of energy
And an useless competitive event, just like war.

No one understood her though, and years later
She tried to explain to her daughter the importance
Of the dance marathon. Her daughter stuck out her tongue,
Exclaimed she was on her way to a rave, and left.

Mary Anne never realized the numbness that went with marathons,
Maybe she could have rationalized the druggy daughter that
Came home and slept for two days straight, dead to the cries
Of the 10 o'clock news, starving children, and one-legged peacekeepers.

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