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Is the Sun Smaller Than the Moon?
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

Galileo backed Copernicus in the end
told a disbelieving world that we
revolved around the sun, not the opposite
and we took out all our anger on that
crayon-yellow ball in a child's drawing--
the one always about the size of a quarter

and heat never seems to carry the same
weight as cold now: fire never making
even a dent in frozen tundra, miles
and miles of chill that creeps farther
down into the skin than anyone ever
thought possible

when Neil Armstrong trailed video equipment
across lunar craters we thought of Admiral Perry
and pioneers. Mountains of rock dwarfed the module
and no one in Houston said, "Now onto the sun"
like P.T. Barnum revealing his mermaid (not even
a slight of hand to please Icarus)
the rest of us still harbor too much resentment.

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