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Postmodern Village
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I Guess It's All in My Reaction
by Francine DuBois

Candace is killing crickets again,
But not with her sharp stillettos or heavy Docs.
She's not using her fist (although she killed
A wasp that way) or her ruby fingernails.

She's throwing her dead lover's books on
Them from five feet up, laughing maniacally
As the Portable Pirandello smashes the cricket:
"Six crickets in search of death, maybe!"
She got particular glee from heaving
The Norton Anthology of Poetry on a poor
Three-legged cricket, enjoying the slight crackle.

Every night, she has uneasy dreams,
Largely Kafkaesque, of course, where
She is a cricket. Instead of her life flashing
Before her eyes, it is the Faerie Queen,
And the Redcrosse Knight comes towards
Her with increasing speed. She is killed
Always at the bottom of the page,
A footnote never read.

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