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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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Blue (Can Mean Anything in a Dream)
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

Am I without God? The TV evangelist points to the clouds
when he talks about "The Lord."
There is a definite absence of yellow in my life.
It makes me sallow.
But, I hear that shades of pale yellow are
the chosen ones.
If persuaded in the right way, I could be nailed
to a cross I guess. I think it depends on motivation.

But there's really no reason for a cross
and no one to drive in the nails.
Have I really been that evil? Oh, yes,
I forgot. It's a sacrifice.

Although I guess that might prove my existence,
let me sit on the right thigh of God (that hand
already being taken). But, I'll never stand up
to the test of time, thousands of years
stretching forth like one too many episodes
of Falcon Crest. It's excess.

And all I seem to really picture as sacrifice:
dead goldfish and plastic scorpions
crystallized by the melted wax
of a millennium of green candles.
So much for a less symbolic shrine.

If color exists to the eye only in its absence,
the sky is anything but.

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