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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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These poems comprise the first of two issues that will deal exclusively with one topic: the vacation of a lifetime. Hezekiah, Francine, Belle, Jennifer, and Kathleen all went on a fabulous road trip to Graceland, departing from Kathleen's home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With Kathleen and Jennifer's excursions along the way, the group managed to go through seven states.

We're in !@#$%^&* Kentucky
Francine's catchphrase showed her amusement (and later, bitterness) of visiting Kentucky.

I've Never Flown Before
A bad Skinemax movie watched, amid laughter, by Hezekiah and Belle in their Paducah, Kentucky motel room.

Angel, You Want Some Bacon?
Starting with the sixteen-year-old girl ("Angel") who looked like she was running away with her boyfriend, our waiter at the Waffle House in Warrenton, Missouri asked all of us (we were eating at the counter) if we wanted any bacon.

Perception is Reality
Francine was getting silly in the van: in her best Samuel L. Jackson voice, she said that "perception is reality. You ask any mutha you find on the street and they'll tell you. Perception is reality."

Beaver Project
This was spray painted on the side of a trashcan near Beaver Lake, Arkansas.

Shoe Tree
On the road to Beaver Lake, we found a tree filled with pairs of shoes. The lady at Dinosaur World told us that high school students threw their shoes in the tree after graduation. Originally all the shoes were in one tree, but it blew down after a strong gust. The high schoolers then resorted to putting them in three trees.

Damn Wicca Lesbians
Right on the dam were two women gathering rocks and placing them in white sacks. It was incredibly weird.

Ode to Ol' Roy
In Bentonville's Wal-Mart Visitor's Center, there was a whole display dedicated to Ol' Roy, the mascot of Ol' Roy brand dog food--a Wal-Mart exclusive.

White Rabbit
Also in Arkansas (it was very inspiring), we found a huge white rabbit fiberglass thing in front of an abandoned restaurant. Hezekiah turned the van around and we all got our pictures taken with it.

Please Use Rear Entrance
In Dinosaur World, there really was a ladder in King Kong's butt.

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