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A City Without Fences
by Francine DuBois

A city without fences
smacks of the surreal,
the blind trusting
almost as incongruous
as Medea's chariot.

I am tempted to try
cars and homes, to see
if they are locked
or if the gentle folk
can cling to the faith
that people aren't just
inherently good, but
almost completely
uncurious. I have no
desire to steal their TV,
but I am interested
in their family Bible,
who died when of what,
and how many generations
have been protected
from reality.

I wonder if these are
a God-fearing people
since they are not
a people-fearing people.

And I pray for the
first person to erect
a fence here, for it
will the beginning
of the end for this
unimaginable city,
and he will be forced
to wear his sin,
perhaps even on his
chest. A Home Depot
will follow him,
providing lumber
and chain link to
the scared masses,
and slowly this city
will become normal.


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