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Frequently Asked Questions

Hezekiah and Francine began this little project in March 1999. They constantly are looking for interesting phrases from which to create a poem. Send email to francine@postmodernvillage.com if you’d like to submit phrases for consideration. Usually, selected phrases are snippets of conversation or misheard lines from television.

As you can tell in these poems, the only rule is that the same line must appear in both poems. Originally, the selected phrase was the first line. That fell by the wayside when the second series was composed. "It was completely unconscious," according to Francine. "It just happened that way." Both Hezekiah and Francine like the freedom of having the phrase be the title.

Subject matter is completely up to the poet, leaving both poets the ability to stay in familiar territory. Hezekiah usually writes about religion and sexuality while Francine tends to make fun of teens and teen stereotypes. "We all anxious await the day when Francine finds new material," commented Mittens DuBois-Dugan (Francine’s sister and fellow poet).

Each issue is comprised of a total of 20 poems or 10 sets.

Any other questions about Take2 or companion poetry? Send them to francine@postmodernvillage.com.