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Postmodern Village
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dead in nebraska
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

"As far as creativity goes, I might be using a little bit of someone
else’s music.” –Vanilla Ice

joey ramone died from lymphoma, jenny told me. i told jenny that my
childhood was now dead. “literally,” i said. she said that jackie o. had
died from the same shit. “how ironic, you know,” she said. i didn’t know
what to say. how do you say, “i have joey ramone in my trunk.” i had
called from outside of wichita. i was headed north.

i think they told the world he was dead to throw off suspicion. someone
might know i kidnapped him: stuffed him with candy bars and sweet,
bubbly soda until he climbed into my car rather willingly to take a nap.
i guess the trunk could be confused with a loveseat. it does have a nice

he’s been back there through a couple of states now. i left him animal
crackers. he should be fine. the turnpike from tulsa was the hardest
part. i could hear him kicking at the backseat, even over the
repetitive, whirring washboard of the old road.

i open the trunk at the motel of alliance on highway 87. i already know
what i’ll find. obviously fish aren’t the only things i can’t keep
alive. i drive him to carhenge, lay him out flat on the heel stone, one
matte-gray ’62 caddy. when they find him, i’ll be long gone.

Joey Ramone Memorial outside CBGBs, New York (Courtesy RoyalJournal.com)
Joey Ramone [1951-2001] Memorial Outside CBGBs in NYC
Photo by Jack Szwergold of Royal Journal

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