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That Icky Feeling (Means It's Workin') (1997). *** D: Gerard Depardieu. Cast: Bo Derek, Charles Bronson. Love erupts at a pharmaceutical convention between two immature salespeople. Based of the French movie "L'amor de Colette." R, c, 87 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Three King Lears (2001). *** D: Iraqi Film Board. Cast: Aida Mohammadkhani, Homayoon Rokani. Iraqi propaganda piece takes three Iranian directors and shows how awful their daughters are, forcing the audience to examine their entire beliefs about Iranian cinema. Banned in Iran. R, c, 135 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Tomato Gravy (1997). **** D: Wim Wenders. Cast: Dame Judy Dench, Melissa Ethridge, Winona Ryder. Quirky tearjerker about a recently released felon (Dench) who brings happiness and redemption to a small Missouri farming community. Narrated by Clint Black. PG-13, c, 104 minutes. le. [direct link]

Tornado in a Snow Globe (1998). *** D: John Hughes. Cast: Michael Keaton, Meg Ryan. Keaton is a world-weary meterologist and Ryan is an unemployed airline stewardess in this madcap romp through the Carribean as they find love and repemtion after Hurricane George. PG-13, c, 94 minutes. pbw. [direct link]

Triumph of the Third Man (1954). * 1/2 D: Robert V. Caldwell. Cast: Joseph Cotten, Trevor Martin, Annette Shelly, Otto Sherman. A triumph that the film was actually released, perhaps, but couldn't Cotton and Martin have found better work? (Film buffs: note Welles' unscripted cameo in the rear of the cafe.) Last entry in the 'Third Man' series until 1967. Not rated, bw, 90 minutes. dc. [direct link]

Trouble with Negros, The (1932). *** D: uncredited. Cast: Mimsey Jones, Claudius Trafoe. Despite potentially racist title, charming documentary dispells myths about "our misunderstood colored friends." Not rated, bw, 81 minutes. jh. [direct link]

Twisted Sisters (1969). ** 1/2 D: Michael Ritchie. Cast: Eartha Kitt, Barbara Steele, Ann-Margret. A hilarious depiction of contortionist nuns who spread the joys of religion while walking on their hands. R, c, 94 minutes. jh. [direct link]

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