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DREAMLET: untitled dream poem #4
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

John Lennon said "love is real" but we all know he was on drugs and he meant Yoko so who really has any faith in that; truly love is falsehoods, keeps you all alone really, trapped in the fantasy, at home in the isolated; do you really understand what makes you do these things? if everyone jumped off a bridge would you? probably. my mother's voice again; love is dedication: Casey Kasem; is he still alive? still giving those long-distance mantras to the masses? still voicing Shaggy in moments of "zoinks"? and life isn't Casablanca, no matter how much I pray for that every night before bed; I will never be Katherine Hepburn, Gypsy Rose Lee, Joan of Arc, Mata Hari, Lauren Bacall--never get to say "You know how to whistle don't you Steve"; the mountains surrounding Denver remind me of breasts enveloping phallic symbols; I don't know why we can't stop there, before Lancelot and Guinevere, Katherine and Petruchio, Taylor and Burton, Fabio and Barabara Cartland; how can you be in love with your other half and not be narcissistic?


since Superman boinked a married heiress for a decade, I'm off to look for the perfect piece of ass
do you think Vince Vaughn likes little fat chicks?


this is all so unAries of me, I know, but is astrology really the answer; if they truly know when I'm veering
off the great destiny of my life why don't they call me:
"I know it's you. Listen carefully. The man you're having dinner with on Friday will be great in bed. Don't let that fool you. Yes, he's witty and intelligent and you'll fall in love and get married and honeymoon in Hong Kong and have two children, twins--boys I see, very mischevious--but, eventually, after twenty years of marriage, he'll leave you, tell the children he's bisexual and fly off to Rio to live in sin with a cabin boy named Pedro. Don't do it. It's not worth the pain."
my fortune cookie says I will be successful in love, but it will say anything to lure me back

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