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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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sexual theme park
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

it's overcast but a good temperature
if everyone wasn't dressed so well
I could love it here

not just corsets and garter belts
and leather catsuits
but casually put together with sexual spit
as if Calvin Klein was assembling them
below the orgasmic coaster or the tilt and whirl

up from the underground
in lines formed by extras
from Logan's Run

and when I make them glance up at me
when I ask for directions to the Shaggin' Shack again
I feel like I'm intruding where I just don't belong

no vinyl, no leather, no lace

next time I will ask at the gate:
Am I appropriately dressed or should I change?
but I'm a bit afraid of the answer

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