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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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sexual theme park
by Francine DuBois

there are more hormones running around here than toddlers.
in a way, that makes it pleasant:
i can relate to horny teenagers better than kids.
all it takes is a smile, a lingering finger,
and you get your way. after a carefully-planned wink,
i get to ride the roller coaster thirty-one times --
todd, my new best friend, tells other passengers that
i am the owner's daughter and i can do as i please. i just smile.
on the seventeenth ride, a teenage couple sits in front of me.
i know they need this ride right now --
a way to experience physical pleasure together without sex,
without real vulnerability, with harnesses and rules.
i can see the scrambler before the first dip
and i watch the preteens slide into each other,
forced to make the body contact none dared to initiate.
as the couple in front of me screams, i admire their innocence,
put my hands up, and pretend it is my first time.

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