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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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warmest thing known
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

found poem: http://www.slade2000.com/

In the game:
Here we go again…you can almost set your clock by Maria Cantwell's desperate campaign tactics.
Cantwell has a new "gold mine" ad against Slade that is so ridiculous you can hardly believe it was put on the air…until you remember Cantwell's past campaigns.
You might remember that infamous "oil rig" ad of 1994, in which she suggested her opponent, Rick White, would put oil rigs in Puget Sound. Cantwell was universally condemned for the ad - even by papers that endorsed her - and many saw it as a last-minute, desperate attempt to win. The Cantwell "oil rig" ad started running about a week before Cantwell was defeated.
Now, with less than a week to go before election day, Cantwell is reverting to her old ways. She has a new ad that features - among other things - an exploding mountain.
That's right, an exploding mountain.
Then she says Slade would poison little children.
Saying that Slade Gorton is going to blow up mountains and poison little children is even more ridiculous than saying Rick White would put oil rigs in Puget Sound.


Post game wrap-up:
This is my opportunity to thank the wonderful people of the state of Washington for the privilege of serving them in a long and rewarding career, the last eighteen as their United States Senator. That career has given me the chance to work to enhance the living environment of our state and the career and economic choices of its citizens.
I have, of course, paid particular attention to those parts of our state - and to those people - who have not shared in the impressive economic growth of the last two decades, and I hope that they will not be forgotten in the future.
It is a dubious honor to come in second in what must have been the closest major election in our state's history, and the stress on my outstanding staff, my family and myself of an election night that has lasted for more than three weeks cannot be overstated.
And to the winner, Maria Cantwell, my congratulations and my hope that she will find her next six years as rewarding as I have found my last six.

United States Senator

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