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I'd Buy Lederhosen From You
by Francine DuBois

for Jake

We are going shopping for pants . . . again.

I am always scared when the employees recognize him,
But they know his name--scary since he never pays by check
Or credit card. That means someone had to ask his name,
And they still remember it.

He has touched nearly every pair of slacks in the store
And I, despising clothes shopping, have actually been quite amused,
Watching him flutter from rack to rack like a bee in search of pollen.
His excitement is almost infectous, and I begin to hunt for shorts.

Yet we walk out empty-handed, defeated by a healthy economy,
No clearance rack, and jobs in the arts. We marvel at the irony:
Those who can afford to dress in "weekday casual" also have jobs
That don't permit it. We, with loose dress codes, can't afford clothes.

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