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Postmodern Village
est. 1999
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I'd buy lederhosen from you
by Hezekiah Allen Taylor

my mother lived in Germany as a child
and she told me all these stories about touring:
salt mines, Eagle's Nest, a castle--or multiple ones
she taught me how to count to ten in German
and she gave me incredibly impressive slides
to pounce on my history class when we began
to examine smallish bits of the globe for Geography
when I beat out Sarah McClafflin to scribble my name
next to the proper country--the one I was set to conquer

now I want to move to Salzburg (which isn't German,
but close--and mother's been there too she recently informed me)
because I saw an interesting view of it on PBS
I'm not really sure I'd take the Sound of Music tour
or get so incredibly caught up in the Mozart thing,
but listening to you speak (remember I can only go to ten)
if you mentioned anything (Faith, snakes, the last movie you saw)
in that accent and showed me all the colors of the rainbow
that you could possibly copy in cotton
I would be sorely tempted

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