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Francine DuBois Francine DuBois

Francine DuBois is definitely not to be confused with her sister Mittens DuBois-Dugan. "I'm still recovering from her wedding. She made me wear peach tafetta." Not only do their fashion tastes radically differ, but so their approaches to literature, film, and life.

"A recovering Lacanian," DuBois is happy to be out of that phase of her life. Since she has been trained to do Lacanian theory, she usually falls back on it "like a bad habit." She is now interested in developing readings of important literary, cinematic, musical, and artistic works that pull from several theories.

DuBois' hobbies include reading bad self-help books and criticizing them, teaching shuffleboard at the senior center, and volunteering at the public library.

Both Hezekiah Allen Tayor and Francine DuBois appear in Sinatra . . . but buddy, I'm a kind of poem, edited by Gilbert Gigliotti, alongside poets such as Allen Ginsberg and David Lehman. Their Sinatra poems originally appeared here in Take2, Issue 8.

Francine DuBois' Publication History

Note: This index only includes publication in the EastWesterly Review and related journals.

EastWesterly Review: Issue 18
One Night with the Tennessee Williams Sonoma Cookbook

EastWesterly Review: Issue 8
The Anacreontics of Popular American Music

EastWesterly Review: Issue 7
Do Not Choke the Lollipop

EastWesterly Review: Issue 6
"What About [Guido's] Vaunted Virility?": Castration Anxiety in 8's Harem Scene

EastWesterly Review: Issue 5
Foundling Theory Fund Update: Buridan's Ass

EastWesterly Review: Issue 3
basically i love you
Head, Trauma

EastWesterly Review: Issue 2
eBay eXplanations: A Symposium

EastWesterly Review: Issue 1
Passivity and the Pathology of Victimhood in '. . . Baby, One More Time'
Road Trip
Lacan in His La-Z-Boy Recliner, Watching a Sony Television

Take2: Issue 18
Nora sure can eat a lot of beans
It's my virginity, and I own it!
Get your underwear out of the prayer circle
Why I Don't Like Tab
The snorkel was a deal breaker
World's Most Marvelous Lady Gymnast
The typical purchaser
Is sex the answer?
You took my decoder ring.
"McCain was incredulous at the sight of Obama, a man he plainly does not respect, striding so assertively across large stages." (The Atlantic, Oct. 2008, pg. 46)

Take2: Issue 17
if I spoke Spanish
why I never left your father
Punctuation Goddesses Ride Elephants Made of Commas
Jesus in Spandex
I'd stick you in an oval frame
Slapstick Presidency
Super Duper Hero Machinations
Chivalry Deflector
celebrity collapse camp

Take2: Issue 16
your lover's house
produce of Scotland
on no, and a lot of live musicians
consume-her center
challenge the triplet
crazy dance holiness
an orchestra--a hen is better than an egg tomorrow
delicate person but with very humor
cure white
beauty theme park

Take2: Issue 15
a sparkling future
a fat comeback
love programming
I get the distinct feeling
rating the Idol
happiness freakout
conveniently likeable
glossy sincerity
frequent flickering
holiday of disobedience

Take2: Issue 14
I am composed of thousands of tiny pixels.
Would you STOP going on about Samuel Beckett? There are other things in life.
Everything Morrissey predicted in the '80s is coming true
Karen, will you take that out of your mouth?
Nervous headaches? Bulging veins?
No. I haven't missed you at all.
Are there McDonalds in heaven?
Most gangsta rappers are quite polite in person
George Orwell writes beautifully. He is due for a revival.
I used to get drunk before meeting journalists

Take2: Issue 13
Postage Stamp Woman
Brand New Dogma
Bunnies Don't Come When They're Called
"Soap is a tool of peace and a weapon of war."
"If you can't get rid of your skeleton in the closet, you best teach him to dance."
Shock and Awe
Time. Date. Year.
Some Sort of Random Party
Anna Karinina Quilt
Home of the Heavenly Pie

Take2: Issue 12
"Brainwashee" or "Brainwashor"? Which one are you?
I've lost my social sparkle.
Downgrading on elevated uncertainty.
You haven't annoyed me yet, so I wouldn't worry.
Breaker, breaker, 1-9
Adaquacy is the challenge.
Singles Swap Meet
She only comes home to swap clothes . . . and fellas.
Richard, you are British and the sea is in your blood.
The female chimp forages alone.

Take2: Issue 11
ode to e.e.
From Rejoice in the Lamb Fries (An Ode to Geoffrey Chaucer)
Orson Khan: An Ode to "Orson Fat"
Sonnet 55: An Ode to Robert Mitchum
Ode to an Awful Keyboard
Gladdest Poem
'Miah and I
Charles Barkley and I Find Salvation on a Tilt-A-Whirl Somewhere in Alabama

Take2: Issue 10
Scooby Doo
Dukes of Hazzard
Jerry Springer
Vega$/Spencer for Hire
Rockford Files
The Love Boat
Flops I remember well (or not so well)

Take2: Issue 9
The Streets of Miami--That Was My Dance School
I Believe in God 100 Percent
I'm Starting to Think, Man, I Can Bust This Dude
Well, I Rap.
Yo, Boy, I'm Serious.
Talk About Being Bummed!
I Picked "To the Extreme" as a Title 'Cause That's What Vanilla Ice Has Always Been About
As Far As Creativity Goes, I Might Be Using a Little Bit of Someone Else's Music
And I Said, "Sure, You Know, Rock It!"
Stop, Collaborate, and Listen!

Take2: Issue 8
I Think She Needs a Sugar Daddy, Or At Least Someone With a Better Bathroom
Black Hair, As Black As My Soul
Great Rack . . .
All Cats Fear the Plunger
Roasty Toasty Princess
The Washing Machine is Quiet on Blue Moons
Where's My Pants?
Warmest Thing Known
Men Who Idolize Frank Sinatra
How to Write an Essay About Flowers

Take2: Issue 7
Do Not Touch Casket--Electrical Shock
The Waitress Writes Poetry
A City Without Fences
Your Waiter This Evening Will Be . . .
Drive-Thru Therapy
Poo and What-not
I've Been the Governor of a Big State
Do You Know How to Make Someone Pee His Pants, Really?
Dude, He Was All Like "Glitter, Glitter" When He Touched Me
R-E-S-P-E-C-T (in high male falsetto)

Take2: Issue 6
We're in !@#$%^&* Kentucky
I've Never Flown Before
Angel, You Want Some Bacon?
Perception is Reality
Beaver Project
Shoe Tree
Damn Wicca Lesbians
Ode to Ol' Roy
White Rabbit
Please Use Rear Entrance

Take2: Issue 5
Behind the Green Door
The Mob Stole Our Porn
Seasick Jesus
Shove It Up Your Giddy Ass
Sexual Theme Park
There is Beauty in the Room
Neon Furs
Somebody's Dyin'
Shrieking Girl

Take2: Issue 4
Screwing Up Means Possible Arrest
I'd Buy Lederhosen From You
That might require surgery. Or IHOP.
We appreciate it in a deep, non-Lacanian sort of way
I Could Have My Seclusion and My Sex Too
That Boy's Too Afraid of Incarceration
Am I Capable of Getting Tricky?
And Involves the Same Psychotropic Drugs

Take2: Issue 3
The Posturing Grackle
No One Thing Deserves This Much Warmth
Wasting Time on Each Blue Jay
With the Ease of Dew
I Lost a Horizon
I Guess It's All in My Reaction
I Suppose It's the Colors
Silver and Green--Knowing
I've Spent Hours Turning Rocks
Blue (Can Mean Anything in a Dream)

Take2: Issue 2
How Can I Not Get Upset When Someone Dies?
The Bad Touch
How Do I Rave?
How Adolf Hitler Died
Is the Sun Smaller than the Moon?
President Lincoln Never Wore a Turtleneck Sweater
Does Daniel Hurley Still Own His Trailer in the State of Washington?
Who Invented the Ball-point Pen?
Where Can I Find Poetry?
Muffy Goes Punk

Take2: Issue 1
Why Do My Pie Crusts Fall?
There's Nothing More Painful Than Watching Your Child Struggle to Read
The Floor Plan of the Taj Mahal
That Elvis Kind of Lovin'
There's a Mystery Maker in the Kitchen
The Arthur Miller School of Dance
"I Have Doughnut in My Hair"
The Christian Way of Brushing Your Teeth
What Do Communists Eat For Breakfast
There's Something About That Man You Just Wanna Shellac (a.k.a. Lunchbox)