EastWesterly Review

2005 - 2009  *  Issues 15 - 25


Spring 2005

Issue 15

Who piped in the Kraftwerk? P. Wonkstein, M. Blodgett and F. Deathshead write about an automated meaning machine and E.W. Wilder brings Pierre Derriere's short fable about the "New Machine" to English readers. Even some of the chats unearthed by Seamus Lennon and Miki Lang deal with the frustration of sitting behind a computer instead of providing face-to-face assistance, but some of them are just creepy or cruel. Norma Perfect discusses Madame Ovary and Hillary Hardcore spends Christmas with Mittens DuBois-Dugan talking about rap and politics. Poetry by Bean Newton and Christin Call make the issue complete. Advance and be mechanized.

Summer 2005

Issue 16

A new issue is music to our ears. Sisyphus "Retread" Jones talks about the work of A Tribe Called West and Kathleen Davis bemoans the state of modern music. Prefer some action? Try MacGyver or Babette's Fist -- Kathleen Davis and Izzie Hardawan have critical examinations of both. Poetry by Bean Newton (introduced by editor E.W. Wilder) and four experiments by the EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster show you why never to turn on AutoCorrect. Get it straight.

Fall 2005

Issue 17

Evolution gets saved by P.B. Wombat and the Foundling Theory Fund, Dave Maass and Johnny Aryee find the heart of darkness has a good beat and it's easy to dance to, Burke Burkean finds Freud on celebrity faces, Serge Roganav ponders the death of Soviets and humankind, and C.S. Denton takes on the anti-gay agenda of Orson Scott Card. Poetry by Bean Newton (introduced by editor E.W. Wilder) and three poems by the EastWestern University Dada Cluster show you the unrealized beauties of Babelfish. Get lost in the translation.

Spring 2006

Issue 18

Annie Prada-Klein gives J.C. the straight eye, T.S. DeHaviland gives us a 1-2-Punch+Judy, C.S. Denton enters Jerusalem, and Francine DuBois drinks, just a little, for your betterment. Poetry by Bean Newton (introduced by editor E.W. Wilder), three poems by Anthony Liccione, and a parody of T.S. Eliot by Jennifer Heinicke wind up the issue. Buck up, little soldier.

Fall 2006

Issue 19

E.W. Wilder takes on Prufrock as only he can, Stan Wankey finds sweet revenge, Moira Baumhauer finds one redeeming aspect of Camille Pagilla, and some guy really loves his barely legal porn. (Don't ask us: we just found it.) Poetry by Bean Newton (introduced by editor E.W. Wilder), three poems by Christin Call, and the beginning of a serialized novel by Kathleen Davis make this an issue to remember. Dive in.

Spring 2007

Issue 20

E.W. Wilder puts Al Bundy on the couch, P.B. Wombat goes to church, T.S. DeHaviland goes south, and Hillary Hardcore raps with a Russian. Poetry by Bean Newton and more from the EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster may lead to chafing, night sweats, and poisoned carrots. You've been warned.

Fall 2007

Issue 21

E.W. Wilder prefers not to (are we surprised?), Mary Chino-Cherry is tall enough to ride all the best American authors cast in wax, and Hillary Hardcore gets all geek on yo' ass. The Consortium of Concerned Satirists shares their screenplay which is oddly familiar. Jodi Drinkwater's art and poetry, plus more from Bean Newton and the EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster await you. No waiting in this queue.

Spring 2008

Issue 22

Special Correspondent T.S. DeHaviland reports from the campaign trail, Cunny Hustard finds the seven habits of highly effective existentialists -- or not, and Marcia Anthony-Meadows digs in the vaults. E.W. Wilder presents more poems from Bean Newton and Melissa Thompson keeps on bringing up that ol' mess. You can let it go now.

Fall 2008

Issue 23

Mary Chino-Cherry finds that tube of cookie dough isn't just a cigar, C.S. Denton observes family values according to John Waters and Geoff Slates watches Kim Kardashian as a prison warden on the TV. Lael Ewy and Jodi Drinkwater provide poetry; Drinkwater adds her visual art. E.W. Wilder has more from Bean Newton and the EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster also tackles Gov. Sarah Palin. Read a "vast variety of sources."

Spring 2009

Issue 24

Tal R. Bab-El unveils his plan for the Middle East, Mary Chino-Cherry reveals the newest in liberal listening and Josh Olson remembers JX Williams. E.W. Wilder is back with more Bean, Elmer Glengergleng tries a sestina, and the EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster ruins Wordsworth. You asked for it.

Fall 2009

Issue 25

E.W. Wilder goes singing in the rain, Norma Perfect is waiting for Gubar, and Shelley C. Monsky-Sixx is dancing with the seniors. E.W. Wilder brings the Bean while Mary Ocher offers four poems. Thrill, baby, thrill.