EastWesterly Review

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Spring 2020

Issue 42

E.W. Wilder ponders the new Orange is the New Black, P.B. Wombat gets a head start spending too much time in his personal library, and M.S. Céannan experiences the horror, the horror, of the Mueller Report. Poetry from Bean Newton, Amanda Evans, Kathleen Wolf Davis, and Lael Ewy; short fiction from I.T. Bugshmebigolly; and the usual experiments from EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster provide diversions. This issue was created before the COVID pandemic and may not reflect current despair levels.

Spring 2021

Issue 43

Lael Ewy claims to be an idiot and Mary Chino Cherry introduces us to the Jeeves Collective. E.W. Wilder shares more from Bean Newton, Rita D. Costello sings America, plus writings from E.G. Wonkstein and S. Oterica Coli. It could be worse--you could be named Buttfinger.