EastWesterly Review

2010 - 2014  *  Issues 26 - 34


Spring 2010

Issue 26

Rand M. Friedmann celebrates corporate personhood, Shelly Purdy-Dish reviews a musical odyssey, and we know what our intern is doing this this summer--and it won't be for us. E.W. Wilder is back with more Bean while the Dada Cluster takes on Poe. This issue for hire.

Fall 2010

Issue 27

Beckstein O'Rushbaugh and Dischragg D'Sudza have a modest proposal, Sarah Tonnen rocks out with OC/DC, and our latest intern is making a list and checking it twice. Discover poetry by Bean Newton, "Ramblin'" Tom Eliot and Christin Call; the Dada Cluster is in the badger-hole. Knock three times, then enter.

Spring 2011

Issue 28

Norma Perfect goes shopping, Walker Miller-Busch goes drinking, Walter P. Crysisler goes 'round the track, and Giovanna "Bookums" Barticelli goes to the Shore. Discover poetry by Whip Shitback, Jennifer Heinicke and Christin Call. This round's on the house.

Fall 2011

Issue 29

Blank RandFyne gets rational and Stella Challer-Hocker finds comfort reading about comfort food. Discover poetry by Bean Newton (perhaps written in the wee small hours), Charles V. Gustavsen (undoubtedly sent from his iThing) and Cud (a poem found with J. Dodger's papers). Put down the pepper spray.

Spring 2012

Issue 30

E.W. Wilder is in fine form in this issue. Not only is he continuing his work with the poems of Bean Newton, but he's also spending a lot of time in comfy box seats looking down on the stage. No, we're not jealous at all, sitting here in our gray fabric cube. Xaveria Hollandaise finds the steamier side of literature (beyond the Tropic of Capricorn even), Kellan Kaulkner mashes up gets her TMZ in her Yoknapatawpha, and Lael Ewy summons Marianne Moore. Get the popcorn.

Fall 2012

Issue 31

Whether he's translating from the French or translating from Bean, E.W. Wilder is here to make sense of it all for us. Tat Maibbi lets us know what's really going on at the "fourth meal," L.A. Jacan gets (Sesame) street, and intern Geoff Doulton is untested out of the paddock. Felicity Sherazz has spent too much time in the suburbs watching HGTV and the EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster take on William Cullen Bryant. Bring the outside in.

Spring 2013

Issue 32

Cat photos, drugs and cartoons: nothing is off topic for the critics at the EastWesterly Review. E.X. Hume thinks deeply about kitties (not an euphemism), Mary Chino Cherry takes on Big Pharma, and Elizabeth Beasley watches children's television. E.W. Wilder digs up more Bean Newton and the EastWesterly Dada Cluster refuses to start making sense. U CAN HAZ SMARTZ.

Fall 2013

Issue 33

A quick tour of the latest TV, food and academic trends, with more poetry to boot. Mary Chino Cherry gets us acquainted with Quibble and Quant and Herbie Tease takes us out to lunch. Lynn Nayus, C. Lassie Fackashun, and Phae Lum put their Ph.D.s to use -- classifying their peers. E.W. Wilder presents more of Bean Newton's writings and the EastWesterly Review Data Cluster is at it again. #ThinkAboutIt.

Fall 2014

Issue 34

E.W. Wilder rides the rails, Richelle Mhee massages the numbers, and P.B. Wombat looks under the hood in this issue. Mary Chino Cherry takes a turn at Bean Newton's legacy and the EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster refuses to stop. We got yer outcomes right here.