EastWesterly Review

2015 - 2019  *  Issues 35 - 41


Spring 2015

Issue 35

Ayn Koch praises the CEO in the sky, Penelope Farthing-Byke makes organic pomade, and Tal E. Essyn goes round and around the paint box--plus fiction, poetry, and other attempts at meaning. Get your hipster cred.

Fall 2015

Issue 36

Roland Barph verbs a musician, Martin Swing-Lee watches the violence from a safe distance, Rob Cursewile gets compiled, and Tabitha Carlson is waiting for her meter to fill up--plus fiction, poetry, and other attempts at meaning. Shake it off.

Spring 2016

Issue 37

Bianca Blanco is _______, Sam Eagles takes part in an American tradition, Jean Bgere goes against the wind, Mary Chino-Cherry wonders who's zoomin' who, and P.B. Wombat assures his heavenly rewards for a convenient monthly charge--plus poetry and other attempts at meaning. Make America (blank) again.

Spring 2017

Issue 38

Stan Lee Ghoti shows his duckface, E.W. Wilder uses more than 140 characters, and Gloria Passendale smells something rotten--plus poetry and other howls into the void. It can happen here.

Fall 2017

Issue 39

Has it been a year of President Trump already? (Admit it, you didn't have over a year in the office pool.) Lael Ewy, Monica, Amanda Evans, T.S. DeHaviland and Joey Lemon share their "reports from the Heartland." Even Bean Newton may have something to say. Do it for our country.

Spring 2018

Issue 40

It's back to theory as usual with Mary Chino-Cherry and Bezel N. Crown, a modest proposal from Layne Wappierrre, and poetry and prose from Bean Newton and FB Roe. EastWesterly Review is sending their brightest with analogy worksheets and another Dada Cluster entry. GRE:Issue 40::POTUS 45: ?

Winter 2019

Issue 41

E.W. Wilder braves the press conference, Ann Mittelraum courageously attends the theatre, and Abel Mutlilyne is hanging on the Polycom. Poetry from Bean Newton and EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster's round out the offerings. Some facts, like bands, are just more alternative than others.