Issue 11

Spring 2003

Comments and Criticism

Gastric Cubism: Getting to the Guts of the Matter
by Stan Wankey

Pop Tarts: The M(0)ther Sucklering of Snack Food
By Bijou Ubu

If We Ran EWR as a Corporation
by Lael Ewy (sometime Editor, seldom "In-Chief")

Poetry Like a Virus Grows
by Pritchard Lawson


Poetry and Drama

Refried Bean / Definitions
Introduction by E.W. Wilder
Poem by Bean Newton

Beauty Is a Happy Stoat: A Play in Three Axe
by Hethaniel Dammit

Compassionate Conversativism
by Joel Ewy

Foreign Policy
by Joel Ewy

Celebrity Urine Collectors
by Kevin Himes

Paris Song
by Kevin Himes

Last Nite on Earth
by Kevin Himes