Issue 13

Fall 2003

Comments and Criticism

The Real World: The Lost Generation: A Critical Review
by Mary Chino Cherry

Der Voron Phenomenon: Soon to Reappear in an Inbox Near You
by E.W. Wilder

Why the American Slacker is Obsessed With The Matrix
by Kathleen Wolf Davis

Romantics/romantics: Beating the Dead Horse That is Romance Literature
by Kathleen Wolf Davis


Poetry and Prose

The Poetry of Paranoia / [And so Desire,]

Introduction by E.W. Wilder Poem by Bean Newton

The Honorable Janitor Haiku
by Kathleen Wolf Davis and Lael Ewy

Grandma Kitchen's Diagnostic Ultrastructural Pathology
by Chrisin Call

Found Poetry: Stem Smell Research
Found by Charles V. Gustavsen

Found Poetry: The Freezer
Found by Marshall Higgins III