Issue 27

Fall 2010

Comments and Criticism

A Reconsideration of the Economics of Offspring
by Beckstein O'Rushbaugh and Dischragg D'Sudza

OC/DC: The Order and the Pain World Tour 2010
by Sarah Tonnen

Our Favorite THINGS!!!!
by O. Pra-Dada

Poetry and Prose

High School Boot Cramp / Stanky Winklebean
Introduction by E.W. Wilder
Poem by Bean Newton

The Wasted Land
by "Ramblin'" Tom Eliot

an attempt to not move mountains for a Bavarian village, 1962
by Christin Call

Talk of Central Nerve Stimulant Badger / The Tale of Benny Badger
by the EastWesterly Review Dada Cluster