Bean Howls: Scowl & Jowl

Bean Newton

Issue 3 * Summer 2000

This next pair represents an apparent attempt by Bean Newton to satirize Allen Ginsberg's masterpiece Howl. Newton never got far, but the exercise is, I believe, informative.
- E.W. Wilder, editor of the posthumous works of Bean Newton



I saw the best mimes of my generation excoriated on street-corners, deviled, beguiled and mouthing "Help Me" while being beaten in the whimsical fake cage night, blown by invisible winds along sidewalks, ignorant, chalk-faced and cock-hard, pulling themselves by invisible ropes up horizontal imaginary cliffs, rocked-out and naked, fondling a tiny basket barely covered by lameass tights,



I saw the best limes of my generation reduced to pies, metabolized, smooth and creamy into the faces of an obese strangely swelling night