Bigger, Taller, Fatter

Bean Newton

Issue 3 * Summer 2000

Oh but we're all so very
very controlled we are like
Gollum or the machines
that pack Twinkies. See?
The Bible/Harvard/The President/The Speaker
of the House/Billy Graham/Jorie Graham
tells me so. I am
an God heaves at my composure, chucks
up Galaxies and dies. Nietzsche
extrapolates himself through my veins. The Oreo
cookies are understood by me. Dig
Henry Louis Gates Jr. Dig Eddie Murphy, My
Badass self. They done give me
my stamp USDA Prime. I done my time
as Grad Insistent, done my time on low-load
undergrad knee-deep in loan: Get straight with God,
bitch, only word I'd use for a man. God who must be
Jorie Graham. Maybe Dana
Gioia. Go figure.
Go form. The dep-
redations of the past
will not destroy the
current mediocrity
must rein (sic).
Like, it must.
In yer Ford Explorer
it must. It must
in yer Daddy's Galaxie 500
or Pontiac Wide-
Track Grand Prix.
Lower, Longer, Wider.