Issue 4

Fall 2000

Foundling Theory Fund Update: Siderism


Criticism and Commentary

The Manifest of Homo mortem
by Serge and Galina Roganov

"Mina the Vampire Slayer": Female Sexuality and Power in Two Vampire Stories
by Carrie-Anne DeDeo

Good and Evil in the Realm of the Interior: Dreams in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
by Carrie-Anne DeDeo

The Lipid-Membrane Hypothesis of Chilling Injury and Jack London's "Fang Meets Kanii"
by Christopher Orson Spencer

Tammy Faye: the Opera
by Angus Bifstake

Abe Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi Get Drunk in Heaven: Al-Exie Poses a Question
by E.W. Wilder



The Best of the Workshops Award Winner 2000
Why Every Poem Should Contain the Word "Poem"
A Parsimony of Blackbirds

by Anasante So-me

As I Sit Writing in this Café
by Norma Perfect

Our Lady of Self-Pity and Melancholy: A Quintet for One Very Lonely Voice
i, your crumpled paper doll
Dear Aryan Poster Boy
i became a functioning I (the jmk remix)
by Melissa Thompson

Bean Newton's Prophetic Vision
Bean's Blank Page
Bean Fails to Communicate
Introduction by E.W. Wilder
Poems by Bean Newton