Issue 5

Spring 2001

Foundling Theory Fund Update: Buridan's Ass

Criticism and Comments

From Whitman to Wystan and Back to Ginsberg, or How Free Verse Caused the AIDS Crisis
by A.X. Gaiman

The Puppet Master Paradox in Christian Fiction (Christian Theory: Left Behind?)
by Mittens DuBois-Dugan

How Lexicological Inventionaryism Became So Popularish (Hint: It was Subliminable)
by Hillary Hardcore

Postmodern Aerobics
by Meeghan Mulholland

Poetry and Fiction

Bean Newton's Experimental Mode
That's not an Acorn, Daddy
An Answer to a Question Burroughs Never Asked
Introduction by E.W. Wilder
Poems by Bean Newton

Literary Illusion
by Daniel Callahan

No Man's Land
by Daniel Callahan

A Villanelle
by Jana Dioia


Marginalization and Its Discontents
by Bean Newton