Issue 8

Spring 2002

Special Features

2001 Foundling Theory Fund Award-Winner: Nano-Ninette
by Hereford Humpff

Towards a Manifesto for a New Poetry
by Lael Ewy


Comments and Criticism

Toward a Purely Aesthetic Approach to Poetry
by D. Riller Naxer

From the Bible to Beowulf, or All I Need to Know (and Then Some), a Sensible Suggestion for the Canon
by Reginald F. Chuffley

The Anacreontics of Popular American Music
by Francine DuBois and Hillary Hardcore

Papa Hemingway's Café, a Critical Review
by E. Myron Iron

The Top 20 Reasons to Use (More) Microsoft Products
by Charles V. Gustavsen


Poetry and Prose

Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit / Nausea
Introduction by E.W. Wilder
Poem by Bean Newton

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Bird Poet
by Jennifer Heinicke

by Melissa Thompson

A Quartet for R.F. ("Plumber," "Reeking," "Autumnal," and "Talisman")
by Ted Apps