Issue 9

Summer 2002

Comments and Criticism

Old Navy: New Infantilism
by Norma Perfect and Sem-Anther Sorely

Clever Hans in the Age of AI
by Broadbrush Brightley

A Short Inquiry Into Homunculus Theory, its Untimely Overthrow by the "Sperm-Meets-Egg" Story, And its Retro-Deconstruction and the Subsequent Emergence of Honuncula Theory
by Angelina Potowski-Smith-Weaver-Ash

"We Are All Made of Stars": Using Celebrities For Self-Discovery
by Sharla DeFresno

Dangermouse Battles the Body Cybernetic
by E.W. Wilder


Poetry and Prose

Spring Bean Cleaning / Bu'gly
Introduction by E.W. Wilder
Poem by Bean Newton

Leah and the Swan
by Wilma Butt-Hoyle Waits

In Fern Hall
By D. Thomas Zimmerman

Pair of Eyes Lost
by Regis N. Kelly

From 81 Found Poems in Honor of Thomas Dolby
By Keesha Z. Goldberg