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The EastWesterly Review is committed to the investigation of 20th-21st century popular culture through all forms of written, visual, and aural communication. Since we are an online journal, we are dedicated to critical analyses of current trends; subjects in the past have included everything from absurdist theatre to car transmissions. Please visit our homepage for a full list of our issues or the Foundling Theory Fund homepage for details about which theories are currently under investigation.

Articles with a healthy dose of irony are welcomed. We have accepted both conversational and traditional academic voices. Submissions may be of any length. Sources must be cited in MLA format. Previously presented or published papers are acceptable; however, it is entirely the submitter's responsibility to make sure that no rights are infringed upon.

Submit one copy each to and Submissions must be in RTF (Rich Text Formatted) format. Other inquiries may be directed to the same addresses.