Issue 12

Summer 2003

Comments and Criticism

Jesus Up, Puss
by P.B. Wombat

Wharton Hears a WHO
by Stan Wankey

Letter from the Editor: Of Embedded Reporters . . . and the War in General
by Lael Ewy (sometime Editor, seldom "In-Chief")

I, Hog: A Short Rant
by Cathy Peterson


Poetry and Prose

I'm OK: You're a Bean: Two Poems
* Bean Sélavy
* The Jolly Bean Giant (Ho-Ho-Ho) - Or A Piece of Advice
Introduction by E.W. Wilder
Poems by Bean Newton

Found Poem: Standardized Test Instructions
by Brick Shitgas

prolog 2 beowoof
by 2kewl4skool5643


Letter to the Editors
by Charlton Metcalf