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Lael Ewy

Received his MFA in poetry in 1999 from Wichita State University, where he studied under the talented but overexposed Albert Goldbarth, the talented and personable Bruce Bond, and the talented and underappreciated Jeanine Hathaway. His publications include the Santa Barbara Review, and several issues of Mikrokosmos. His thesis was titled Smash and Grab, which sums up his editorial style:

Picasso's assertion that 'good artists borrow; great artists steal' has influenced me immensely. Contemporary poetry is the cheapest form of rip- off-the literary equivalent to a smash-and-grab robbery-and should have the guts to be aware of what it is. The last thing I want to see is some lame-ass workshop poem that takes itself so seriously that it fails to realize that it's just another derivative workshop poem. When it's almost all been done, we should at least have fun in the re-doing.
Lael Ewy's Publication History

Note: This index only includes publication in the EastWesterly Review and related journals.

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