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Norma PerfectNorma Perfect

Perfect is the Womyn's Studies Chair at Lost Locks University in Lost Locks, Maryland. She contends: "The inherent inequalities in our society are a direct result of our language. Lacan's system of interlocking signs locks the Other--that feminized non-libidinized self-out. The sign is the phallus, the phallus the pen-in other words, language itself. The signified femayle, elided by the sign, is what I try to write. I consider my poetry nothing less that Cixous's femme eciture: the real, un-super-egoed anti-writing that will liberate all womyn from patriarchal hegemony."

Norma Perfect's Publication History

Note: This index only includes publication in the EastWesterly Review and related journals.

EastWesterly Review: Issue 28
Mind, the Gap

EastWesterly Review: Issue 25
Reification as Mirror-Age: Images of Gender and Power in Samantha Buckett's Waiting for Gubar

EastWesterly Review: Issue 15
Madame Ovary: In Due Time to Save the Femynyst Period?

EastWesterly Review: Issue 9
Old Navy: New Infantilism

EastWesterly Review: Issue 4
As I Sit Writing in This Café

EastWesterly Review: Issue 2
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EastWesterly Review: Issue 1
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