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P. B. WombatP.B. Wombat

The adopted son of a mulatto coffee merchant and a Jewish heiress to a rubber fortune, Wombat makes his home and living at the University of New South Zealand, where he is the Distinguished Professor of Cultural Semiotics.  Wombat states that "the reason I have become so fixated upon the culturo-literary hegemony of the machine is that it is the essential of the Foucaultlian lexicographic paradigm."  He further states: "It is impossible to discern the automotive from the libidinal, the mechanistic from the Lacanian self. So, I write about transmissions."

Wombat's "Nocturnal Transmissions: The Automatic Decline of Western Morals" was mentioned on National Public Radio staple Car Talk on November 6, 1999.

P.B. Wombat's Publication History

Note: This index only includes publication in the EastWesterly Review and related journals.

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A Critical Review

EastWesterly Review: Issue 3
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EastWesterly Review: Issue 1
Nocturnal Transmissions: How the Automatic Caused the Decline of Western Morals