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Charles V. Gustavsen, Jr.

Gustavsen works as a technical writer, consulting for a number of Silicon Valley start-ups and several Fortune 500 firms. He writes poetry on his Palm Pilot while overpaid executives unwittingly embarrass themselves in front of him, and believe him to be taking notes.

Charles V. Gustavsen, Jr.'s Publication History

Note: This index only includes publication in the EastWesterly Review and related journals.

EastWesterly Review: Issue 29
No Tweet for the Revolution

EastWesterly Review: Issue 13
Found Poem: Stem Smell Research

EastWesterly Review: Issue 8
The Top 20 Reasons to Use (More) Microsoft Products

EastWesterly Review: Issue 6
Portrait of the Artist as a Blocked Artery
Banned Name
Culture Shock
Selections from the "Intellectual Properties" Series
Social Contract
Found Poem

EastWesterly Review: Issue 2
Dali Flakes 'N' Honey
The Little Plastic Latch Broke Off and They Say it Would Cost as Much to Fix It as to Buy a New One
How to Eliminate World Hunger
Nike, like a slaver lead us
Of Course I'm a Real Friggin' Anarchist

EastWesterly Review: Issue 1
Custard Pie
Big Daddy's Rinse 'n' Whine Breakfast Came Frothing Up My Esophagus