Issue 14

Summer 2004

Comments and Criticism

Foundling Theory Fund Award Winner - Generating Interest: Spontaneous Generation in the Creation of Literary Criticism
by E.W. Wilder

Dysfunction Junction: The Flox Network Bottoms Up
by Stan Wankey

Your 2004 Post-Modern Prom King: The Search for the Post Modern Poster Boy (a.k.a. Am I Po-Mo or Not?)
by Mari Bucholz

EastWestern University's Huxley Library Reference Chat Transcripts
Compiled by Seamus Lennon and Miki Lang


Poetry and Prose

Bean Down So Long
* AmeriCo, 2.0
* Camelbak
Introduction by E.W. Wilder
Poems by Bean Newton

check all that apply
by Kathleen Wolf Davis

Haiku series for Jared
by Kathleen Wolf Davis

He says, "I am the type of man incapable of love"
by Kathleen Wolf Davis

For "the guy who can't catch you"
by Melissa Thompson